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DEKRA offers a huge range of Process Safety and Electrostatic Instrumentation covering all of your needs

Across our 30 years of business, DEKRA has built an impeccable reputation through its Process Safety consulting and testing services. During this time, we have recognised the need for some of our clients to obtain precise instrumentation to aid them in their organisations activities. Our range of instruments is divided into two distinct pillars; our Process Safety Test Instrumentation and our JCI Chilworth Electrostatic Instrumentation. Each range offers you a variety of products aimed at enabling your organisation to successfully meet its testing needs with easy to use and highly developed instruments.

Process Safety Instruments

At DEKRA we know you rely on the very best instrumentation from BAM Fallhammers to Carius Tubes, MIE Apparatus to Resistivity Equipment, all backed by our practical, tecnhical support and the highest standards of quality, dependability and accuracy. Our Testing Laboratories regularly employ our equipment, ensuring it retains its full technical application and reliability for all your testing needs.

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JCI Electrostatic Instrumentation

jci instrumentationJCI Chilworth has tens of thousands of hours experience in providing electrostatic solutions for our clients. We produce customised test equipment to solve electrostatic problems, undertake hazard assessments and electrostatic audits, and most recently introduced market leading JCI 140 field-mill technology to our new JCI 180 Lightning Warning System, which was launched at Electrostatics 2013 in Budapest.

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We appreciate that sometimes standard spec equipment isn't enough. Whether you need an alteration on a piece of equipment we already manufacture, or something completely bespoke, our experienced engineers are always happy to find a solution that meets your needs. For more information on our Custom Manufacture service, please contact us.