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JCI Chilworth is the most respected name worldwide for specialist instrumentation in the field of electrostatics. A list of our instruments can be found in the left hand index.

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About JCI Chilworth

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Established by renowned electrostatics research expert Dr John Chubb 30 years ago, JCI was acquired by Chilworth Technology in 2009 and has become the market leader in the design, manufacture and supply of state-of-the-art electrostatic instruments, accessories and safety services.

JCI Chilworth has tens of thousands of hours experience in providing electrostatic solutions for our clients. We produce customised test equipment to solve electrostatic problems, undertake hazard assessments and electrostatic audits, and most recently introduced market leading JCI 140 field-mill technology to our new JCI 180 Lightning Warning System which was launched at Electrostatics 2013 in Budapest. Should the unthinkable happen, we are also here to provide a rapid response to incident investigation and, if necessary, expert witness services. JCI Chilworth also provides GLP compliant electrostatic testing and calibration services, safety consultancy and open-access and in-company training courses.

JCI Chilworth Range

Below, we have listed our entire JCI range based on equipment class, making it easier than ever for you to identify the correct solution for your needs. If you cannot find precisely what you require, please take a look at our Custom Manufacture page, as we will more than likely be able to assist with a bespoke product tailored to your specific needs.

Static Monitors

For easy detection and measurement of static electricity and
assesment of risks in practical situations.

JCI 140 Range

JCI 140

Electrostatic Voltmeters

For accurate measurement of voltages with negligible current drain.

JCI 148 

JCI 148

High Voltage Adapter

For integration into wider experiment systems.

JCI 146

JCI 146

Charge Decay Analyser

For measurement of a material's ability to dissipate static electricity.

JCI 155

JCI 155

Sample Support

For direct measurement of the quantity of charge transferred with 
corona charge deposition.

JCI 176

JCI 176

Charge Decay Calibrator

For checking performance and formal calibration.

JCI 255

JCI 255


For easy, sensitive and reliable measurement and monitoring
of electrostatic conditions.

JCI 114 JCI 131 Range

JCI 114 

Base Stations

For running and display of electric field measurements.

JCI 234

JCI 234

Lightning Warning System

For warning of short term risk of lightning in the immediate

JCI 180

JCI 180

Humidity Test Chamber

For control of test environment temperature and humidity.

JCI 191

JCI 191 

Charge Measurement

For general measurement of small quantities of charge.

JCI 178 Range

JCI 178

Faraday Pails

For measurement of electrostatic charge on components
and small quantities of materials.

JCI 147 & JCI 150

JCI 147

Data Acquisition Modules

For external data logging.

JCI 167 & JCI 165

JCI 167

Custom Manufacture

Full instrument design engineering service.

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Calibration Services

For JCI 114, 131, 140, 147, 148, 155, 178 & 255.

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We serve clients in numerous sectors, including:

  • Aerospace
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Meteorological
  • Plastics
  • Electronics
  • Universities/Research Institutes
  • Quality Assurance
  • Defence
  • Textiles
  • Coatings
  • Films
  • Chemicals

We Provide:


  • A comprehensive range of quality hand-held, portable 
    and laboratory instruments
  • UK based manufacture, development and instrument
    calibration to recognised British, EU and global standards
  • Comprehensive servicing 
  • In-company GLP-compliant  testing and expert process
    safety consultancy
  • On-site, open-access and bespoke process safety training
  • Routine maintenance and fault finding.

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Dr David Firth
Dr David Firth

Global Sales Director – Process Safety

david.firth@dekra.com +44 7774 411935

Library items

JCI Electrostatic Instrumentation Brochure 2014

Our latest range of JCI electrostatic instruments and services for the consultancy, laboratory testing, hazard assessment, R&D and training sectors.

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Chilworth Instruments for Safety Testing Brochure

Chilworth‘s expertise in the design, personalisation and supply of advanced, technical laboratory instruments is built on the innovation and high manufacturing standards we have developed over more than 25 years. We know you rely on the very best instrumentation from BAM Fallhammers to Carius Tubes, MIE Apparatus to Resistivity Equipment backed by our practical, technical support and the highest standards of quality, dependability and accuracy. At Chilworth, we are always available to discuss your requirements and ensure your needs are not only exceeded but are fully supported for the long run.

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