JCI 148 Electrostatic Voltmeter

For accurate measurement of voltages with negligible current drain.

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Compatible with the JCI 140 Static Monitor



  • Measures voltage on conductors with near zero current drain
  • High level of accuracy
  • Measurements up to 20kV
  • Simple quick release mechanism for mounting the JCI 140 unit.

General Description 

The JCI 148 Electrostatic Voltmeter comprises a shielding enclosure in which an electrode, connected to the input, is supported by high quality insulation in a well-defined and stable geometric arrangement relative to the sensing aperture of a JCI 140 Static Monitor. The geometry is such that the numbers shown on the display correspond directly to the applied voltage input in kV.

The attraction of an electrostatic voltmeter based on the JCI 140 Static Monitor is the near zero current drain (limited only by insulation leakage not less than 1014 Ohms at up to 20kV), the high sensitivity (1V resolution in 2kV range), the low internal capacitance (about 7pF), high input time constant and the linearity of response.

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  • Ranges:                                        2kV & 20kV full scale. 1V and 10V resolution
  • Accuracy and linearity :           Within ±2% FSD on JCI 140 display and analogue output signal
  • High voltage connection:         Special JCI HV protective connector
  • Maximum safe voltage:            ±25kV


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