JCI 155 Charge Decay Analyser

Compact instrument for measurement of of a material‘s ability to dissipate static electricity.

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  • User friendly interface with simple setup of run parameters & results presentation
  • On instrument graphical LCD display with dimmable back light
  • Calculation and display of capacitance loading (in conjunction with JCI 176)
  • Portable, can be used with/without a PC
  • Download and display test descriptions and upload test results to JCI Graph.


General Description

The JCI 155v6 is a compact instrument for easy, direct measurement of a material‘s ability to dissipate static electricity and, when used with the JCI 176, to assess whether significant voltages will arise from practical amounts of charge transferred to the surface. The version 6 is the latest in our highly successful and unique range of Charge Decay Time analysers. A high voltage corona discharge deposits a patch of charge on the surface of the material and a fast response electrostatic fieldmeter measures the voltage generated by this charge. It also measures how quickly this voltage falls as the charge migrates away. Corona charging is a simple way to simulate practical charging events, allowing control of initial surface voltage and charge polarity. It is applicable to all types of surfaces - whether uniform or with localised conducting features and provides consistent, reproducible results that are not affected by corona exposure.

An intuitive, user friendly display now includes a large LCD screen for both textual and graphical presentation of results using just 5 menu driven active operator keys. 

Full versatility in setting configuration and test parameters is provided by the instrument firmware and display and the analyser may be used independently or connected via USB link to a PC running our proprietary associated JCI Graph software.


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  • Power :             18V dc external adapter supply derived from mains or batteries
  • Display:             Large Interactive LCD Display (112x60mm)
  • Test area:         45x54mm aperture in instrument baseplate
  • Sample:             The unit may be placed directly on a surface or area of sample
                                Where the optional sample support unit is purchased this provides a simple support for open and                                     earthed backing tests of films
                                JCI 176 Charge Measuring Sample Support provides open and earthed backing support for film &                                     layer samples up to 5mm thick with measurement of the corona charge received by the sample                                         (earthed and unearthed backing tests are also possible in the JCI 176 when testing films)
                                Powders and liquids may be studied using a JCI 173 in the JCI 176.


Accessories & Services

Please Note:

  • JCI Graph Software
  • JCI 170 & JCI 172 Sample Support
  • JCI 166 Sample Support
  • JCI 176 Sample Support
  • JCI 255 Calibration Unit
  • JCI 173 Powder/Liquid Support Insert
  • Calibration to BS7506: Part 2:1996

Using a JCI 155 with a JCI 176 Charge Measuring Sample
support allows measurement of the corona charge received
by the sample and calculation of the ‘Capacitance Loading’
experienced by charge on the surface. A high Capacitance
Loading means relatively low surface voltages for a given
amount of charge, which will often be indicative of a less
problematic material.

Powder samples are presented using the JCI 170 Powder
Sample Support with the JCI 155v6 supported by a JCI 172
Support Plate. The JCI 170 can be easily put in place and
removed so that the base plate of the JCI 155v6 stands off
a few millimeters to reduce risk of powder dispersal to the
air by action of the air dam.


Library items

JCI Electrostatic Instrumentation Brochure 2014

Our latest range of JCI electrostatic instruments and services for the consultancy, laboratory testing, hazard assessment, R&D and training sectors.

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JCI155v6 Charge Decay Time Analyser

Two years in development, JCI Chilworth is proud to announce the next generation of our highly successful electrostatic charge decay analyser, the JCI 155v6. A comprehensive advance on previous generations of electrostatic decay analyser, we believe this new monitor outperforms all others on the market today.

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