JCI 167 Data Acquisition Module

Permits logging of data from up to 8 x JCI 140 Static Monitors

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  Permits logging of data from up to 8 x JCI 140 Static Monitors simultaneously.



  • Single monitoring hub for up to 8 x JCI 140 Static Monitors
  • Multiple logging of JCI 140s for electrostatics R&D applications
  • Continuous powering for up to 8 x JCI 140s
  • Fully compatible with electrostatic voltmeter and charge measuring accessories
  • USB connectivity
  • Proprietary graphical user interface and data logging package with range indication and signal averaging capability
  • Custom cable lengths available
  • Bespoke tailoring of software to meet specific application requirements available.

General Description

The JCI 167 has been developed to acquire, display and log data generated simultaneously by up to 8 JCI 140 Static Monitors using a desktop or laptop computer (not supplied as standard) running Windows 7 or Windows 8 operating systems. This equipment has been developed in order to support the Research and Development demands of manufacturing and new product development, processing companies and universities.

The data acquisition and display software incorporates data processing functions appropriate to the user‘s application (tailor made solutions can be provided to meet individual customer‘s requirements). Hence both raw and suitably processed data can be viewed continuously and saved to the hard drive. Saved data can be readily imported into a spreadsheet for subsequent processing and analysis.

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  • Input:                                8 x Analogue (0-2 Volt = 0-20kV) channels compatible with JCI 140 analogue signal cables
                                              (JCI 143)
  • Power supply :               12V power adapter supplied
  • Power ON/OFF :             Via Keyswitch
  • Communication :           Via USB 2.0
  • Design temperature :    10°C - 30°C
  • Ergonomics :                   Neat compact unit, can be sited on an office desk or workbench
  • Fuse protection :             200mA channel fuse protection (internal 100mA resettable fusing)
  • Accuracy :                         Within 2% of full scale reading
  • Size :                                 Channel identification leds indicating when each channel is ON
  • Cable(s) :                         Analogue, with line functions to/from JCI 167 data module for: signal output, range flag, Ground                                                        reference (hence no need to connect each JCI 140 unit to a separate earth) and power supply.


Complete System Components 
supplied include the following:

Compatible Instrument:

  • 8 x channel data acquisition module
  • Power supply for the data acquisition module
  • Up to 8 x JCI 140 static monitors can be
  • Up to 8 x JCI 140 power and signal cables
  • Computer JCI 167 software
  • PC or laptop (optional)
  • Optional mounting brackets for JCI 140
    units specific to bespoke applications



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