JCI 176 Capacitance Loading Support

Sample support providing direct measurement of the quantity of charge transferred with corona charge deposition.

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Compatible with the JCI 140 Static Monitor   



  • Enables effective Capacitance Loading measurements to be made
  • An optimal support and presentation of fabric and film samples
  • Enables open and closed back measurements
  • Can be used for powder & liquid studies using the JCI 173 Insert.

General Description

The JCI 176 Capacitance Measuring Sample Support provides opportunity to measure how much corona charge is received by the sample during corona charge decay testing with JCI 155v6 Charge Decay Test Unit.

Such measurements enable calculation of the ‘capacitance loading’ experienced by charge on materials. This is relevant to assessment of the suitability of materials in terms of the surface voltages likely to arise and for how long.

Further to this the JCI 173 powder support is also available as a cost-effective adapter for the JCI 176 facilitating studies of powders or liquids using the JCI 155v6 instrument.

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Accessories & Services:

Power Supply:

  • JCI 170 & JCI 172 Sample Support
  • JCI 173 Powder/Liquid Support Insert
  • By direct cable connection to JCI 155v6


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