JCI 234 Base Station

To run and display electric field measurements from both the JCI 131 & JCI 131F electrostatic fieldmeters.

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Compatible with JCI 131 and 131F Fieldmeters



  • Provides LCD display for DC electrostatic field from the JCI 131
  • Directly indicates ambient electric field following set-up
  • LCD indication of 50-60Hz AC field for the JCI 131F
  • Regulated power provided both JCI 131 and JCI 131F sensors
  • Remote zeroing facility for the JCI 131 and JCI 131F sensors
  • Geometric scaling facility for ambient electric field
  • Signal and range bit outputs for data logging.


General Description

The JCI 131 and JCI 131F fieldmeters may be operated in conjunction with a JCI 234 Base Unit which provides power and displays DC electric field measurements (both ambient atmospheric and local field). These base stations also provide an indication of operational health status (where fitted).

The JCI 234, in conjunction with the JCI 131F fast response fieldmeter, provides the ability to resolve and measure both quasi-continuous electric fields and superimposed 50/60 Hz alternating electric fields which are viewed on an additional display.

The JCI 131 and JCI 234 can be operated from the separate mains input power supply or from a 12 V battery for uninterruptible power supply.

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  • Power supply:               Separate mains power supply (supplied), and/or - 12V battery with at least 4A capability (for                                                                 starting) into two 4mm sockets (battery, cable and 4mm plug connectors not supplied).
  • JCI 131 connection:    19w connector (Pattern 105 AB05 210014-19SN00) in end cover to take cable to JCI 131
  • Signal outputs:             25w D type connector for direct connection to all input and output signals on 19w cable. This                                                              cable can also support operational health and alarm status signals if optional operation                                                                      health monitoring is purchased (refer JCI 131 and JCI 131F sensor accessories section)
  • Connections are:         15w D type connector for connection to data recording and processing systems. Signals are                                                              span adjusted and level shifted to suit certain data logging systems.


Required Instruments:

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