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Commissioning & Training Services

Choosing the right process safety instrumentation, whether for a R&D laboratory or on-site testing, is a complex task. Our clients require a helpful, professional service, value-for-money and equipment well proven from laboratory trials. They are entitled to complete, easy-to-follow apparatus instruction manuals, efficient after-sales support and comprehensive equipment warranties and accessories. DEKRA has built our business on these key factors for more than 25 years.

commissioning & training services


DEKRA recognises that people developing their own process safety facilities benefit from our knowledge and assistance so staff can operate safely, competently and in accordance with set standards and protocols. We therefore provide tailored training to meet individual client requirements delivered either in our fully equipped process safety laboratories, at a client’s site or through remote access video based support. This comprehensive support extends to interpretation and application of data from our team of expert consultants.

Test Standards

Our instrumentation complies with relevant national and international standards including BS, IEC, ISO, ASTM, VDI, DIN, UN and European Union regulations such as CLP (Classification, Labelling and Packaging) and REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals). In fact our consultant engineers frequently contribute to standards commitees, with an understanding of industry‘s needs gained from their consultancy activities.

Custom Manufacture

DEKRA also provides a custom manufacturing service for bespoke apparatus to meet either our client’s specific in-house test requirements or to meet other bespoke test standards not covered by our normal instrument range. At the end of this catalogue you will find some examples of our custom built instrumentation developed by us for previous clients.


Full 12 month warranties are supplied with all equipment.

Commissioning & Maintenance

In addition to our comprehensive commissioning service, DEKRA can also fulfil your contracts for repairs, maintenance, calibration and certification of our equipment consistent with a full range of quality programmes, including Good Laboratory Practice (GLP).