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CTL02 - Adiabatic Dewar Calorimeter ADC II

For determination of temperature and pressure data resulting from runaway chemical reactions and specifying plant protection measures, process failure scenarios, data for vent sizing using DIERS methods or advanced thermal stability analysis under low Phi factor and adiabatic conditions.


  • Completely adiabatic test environment with low Phi factor, high pressure reactor
  • Highly accurate test results applicable directly to large scale reactors
  • Permits characterisation of exothermic runaway reactions, thermal decomposition stability and evaluation of gas generation rates
  • Data can be used to specify plant protection measures e.g emergency relief system design
  • Direct venting simulation using optional tempering cell equipment
  • Full range of process deviations & reactor component failure scenarios (e.g heater / stirrer failure, effect of pumped additions with optional chemical injection pump)


Above: an Adiabatic Dewar Calorimeter (shown with electronic control unit & optional tempering cell for venting trials)


Above: the containment enclosure which DEKRA can also supply as an option

Functional Specification and Deliverables

  • 6 kW 3-phase 380 V - 415 V Dewar oven. 0 - 400 °C capability
  • Pressure range 0 - 100 barg. Vent relief set to 23 barg
  • Dewar flask set with two fully ported and populated stainless steel head assemblies (ports include potential for entry of sample thermocouple, sample pressure sensor, sample heater, stirrer motor, additional spare thermocouple)
  • Electronic control unit (configured to suit various test scenarios in conjunction with the supplied software) – with built in oven temperature controller (oven temperature tracks the sample temperature reliably within 1 °C or better under steady rate of rise conditions and can follow exothermic activity of sample at rates of up to 40 - 60 °C / min). Also features sample pressure and heater power local monitors, emergency manual vent for the vessel and interfacing to all ancillary Dewar services e.g system sensors and optional extras highlighted below
  • Personal computer and LCD monitor with ADC software pre-installed
  • Data acquisition card capable of monitoring and / or controlling: sample temperature, oven temperature, sample pressure, stirrer speed, stirrer torque, heater power and also optional extras such as Tempering cell pressure, tempering cell inlet and outlet solenoid operation, additional thermo-couples, Chemical injection pump, laboratory balance, Gas Burette. Typical log rates are: every 20 seconds for stan dard logging and every 0.1 second logging per channel based on the trigger point being exceeded on rate of pressure or temperature rise data
  • Accuracy of pressure + / - 0.1 barg to 50 barg and + / - 0.2 barg above 50 barg
  • Accuracy of temperature + / -1 °C
  • 1 x instruction manual

Optional Extras

  • Tempering cell
  • K-type spare thermocouples and spare pressure transducers
  • Additional Dewar vessels
  • Additional custom configured Dewar head assemblies to meet your requirements
  • Chemical injection pump for pumped addition capability
  • Containment enclosure
  • Gas Burette
  • Spare seals and miscellaneous sundries are also available
  • Training in the use of the ADC apparatus