CTL05 MIT Cloud Apparatus

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Measures the lowest temperature at which ignition takes 
place when a powder product is dispersed in heated air.


  • Simple to use
  • New robust design
  • New control unit now displaying on-board temperature of both centre tube thermocouples as well as inlet pressure
  • New ¼" bsp inlet pressure transducer connection
  • Complies with technical standards: (IEC 61241-2-1, EN 50281-2-1 & ASTM E1491-06)
  • MIT data finds application in the specification of electrical equipment for use in the presence of  combustible dusts and also has some application in the specification of safe drying temperature (above 110°C) on process plant

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The MIT Cloud Apparatus provides an objective way to measure the susceptibility of a dust cloud to auto-ignition in a heated environment (e.g. with plant processing temperatures above 110 °C). When most powders are dispersed in heated air, spontaneous combustion will take place provided the air temperature is high enough.

The Minimum Ignition Temperature (MIT) test measures the lowest temperature at which such ignition will take place.

Functional Specification and deliverables:

  • Mains supply: 100 - 120 V or 220 - 240 V operation
  • 1 kW furnace heating from ambient to 1000 °C via temperature control unit
  • Supplied with spare glass sealing gaskets and observation glasses, set of thermocouples, new integral control unit complete with furnace temperature controller and inlet pressure meter

Optional Extras -

  • Spare observation glasses, gaskets, thermocouples
  • Training

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