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CTL09 - Hartmann Pressure Tube Apparatus

Classical method for determining the explosion severity of a dust cloud where available powder quantities are low.


  • Ideal for screening small quantities of powder product (e.g 0.5 g etc)
  • Perfectly honed smooth inner vessel bore lends itself to ease of cleaning following testing
  • Easy removable lid for fast access
  • High resolution multi-turn inlet regulator for accurate reservoir pressure setting
  • Handset activation of arc and air dispersal. Arc initiation starts high speed data acquisition to PC so no pressure rate data is missed giving logging at rates of 1 msec


Hartmann Pressure Tube Apparatus

The Hartmann Pressure Tube Apparatus is an explosion screening system for testing small quantities of powder product (e.g pharmaceutical powder) and enables comparison of maximum peak pressure and maximum rate of pressure rise of powder products, under development, to be researched. Its purpose is NOT to provide highly accurate Pmax and Kst data for plant scale application, such data only being obtainable through use of a 20 litre sphere apparatus (see CTL06, page 15).

However, for comparison of samples developed in house that would initially be too expensive to produce in the quantities needed for testing within a 20 litre apparatus, this equipment is ideal. The data recorded with the Hartmann Pressure Tube must NOT be used for explosion protection measures on plant. If accurate data is needed, use a 20 litre apparatus as explained above.

Functional Specification & Deliverables

  • Mains supply: Volts 110 - 240 V a.c / 3 A
  • Dust / air dispersion base with mushroom design to optimise internal dust cloud
  • 1.2 litre stainless steel Hartmann Tube
  • Top removable screw cap with built-in dynamic pressure transducer and vent valve
  • Viewing window (for visual observation of arc gap and flame propagation)
  • Brass Electrodes
  • Constant arc power source (10 kV)
  • Remote handset (arc & air activation)
  • PC / LCD monitor with control and acquisition software included
  • Electronic control unit containing high speed data acquisition card and pressure transducer charge amplifiers
  • O’ring set
  • High speed pressure transducer
  • 1 x instruction manual

Optional Extras

  • Spare electrodes, spare viewing window, spare seals, ancillaries