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CTL22 - BAM Fallhammer Test Apparatus

For determining the sensitivity of powders to impact stimuli for assessing transport, packaging and regulatory classification (UN, EC and EMTAP).


  • Excellent for screening products for sensitivity to impact stimuli in order to determine whether a substance is an impact sensitive explosive
  • Excellent screening tool for classifying a product for transport and EU packaging and labeling classification
  • Simple to use electromagnetic drop weight release mechanism
  • Robust design

BAM fallhammer testBAM fallhammer test

BAM fallhammer testBAM fallhammer test

Some powders are deliberately manufactured with such highly energetic behaviour, but occasionally it is an unexpected property of a new material. For regulatory compliance there are a number of screening tests which have to be performed on new materials in order that they can be safely transported. One such screening is a BAM Fallhammer test, which measures sensitivity to mechanical force, testing to UN, EU & EMTAP Regulations.

Functional Specification & Deliverables

  • A solid cast steel base block
  • Main 100 mm diameter anvil
  • A centring ring for locating the intermediate anvil on the main anvil
  • 2 x Intermediate 26 mm diameter anvils
  • 2 x locating rings with orifices for gas release
  • 200 steel cylinders (roller bearings)
  • 50 rubber o’rings for steel cylinders (liquid testing only)
  • 100 steel collars for steel cylinders locating
  • An upper to lower cylinder distance gauge for 1 - 2 mm sample gap required for liquids
  • A central column with guides (graduated scale) ready set for correct height
  • A 1 kg drop weight carrier assembly
  • A 1 kg weight already fitted to 1 kg drop weight assembly for a 2 kg overall weight
  • A 5 kg drop weight carrier assembly
  • A 5 kg weight already fitted to 5 kg drop weight assembly for a 10 kg overall weight
  • A drop weight electromagnetic release device
  • An electromagnetic power supply distribution box together with electroma gnet 12 V supply cable, 100 - 120 V, 220 - 240 V mains inlet supply cable and remote handset for weight release
  • Electromagnet safety pin
  • A 40 mm3 sample loading spatula
  • A polycarbonate protective shield
  • 1 x instruction manual

Optional Extras

  • Zone 22 certified control equipment for electromagnet drop mechanism
  • Dust extraction facility
  • Additional sets of BAM Fallhammer collars and rollers (quality / tolerance checked)
  • Bespoke custom weights or other requirements may be possible (please enquire)
  • Training