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CTL25 - Time/Pressure Apparatus

Examines the ability of a substance to propagate a deflagration for UN and EMTAP classification of explosives.


  • Simple to use
  • Automated ignition / monitoring set-up
  • Test software / hardware: graphical display showing time vs pressure trace
  • Display of pressure rate of rise result between 100 & 300 psi
  • Ascii file logging of data which can be imported to Excel (not supplied) for later data analysis
  • Historical data program – permits the user to call-up any previously saved ascii file and to view the time pressure trace of those tests

time/pressure apparatus

Time / Pressure Test Apparatus

The Time / Pressure apparatus is designed to examine the effect of an ignition on substances under confinement and in particular, the possibility that ignition might lead to a deflagration with explosive violence at pressures which can be attained with substances in normal commercial packages. The testing is conducted according to the UN Transport of Dangerous Goods Recommendations Manual of Tests and Criteria Test 1 (c) (i), Test 2 (c) (i) or Test C.1 and also to the EMTAP Manual of Tests Volume 1.

Functional Specification & Deliverables

  • PC – current up-to-date specification (it is recommen ded that this is supplied as standard)
  • LCD monitor
  • Time Pressure Control Unit with push button initiation of logging of data and ignition system
  • Time Pressure – pressure monitor and ignition power supply unit 220 - 240 V / 10 A
  • Time Pressure Vessel and stand
  • Pressure Transducer (0 - 25 barg / 0 - 362.5 Psig)
  • Igniter output cable
  • Data communication cable
  • Spanner for vessel end cap maintenance
  • 1 set Aluminium burst disks (100 pcs)
  • 1 set Lead washers (200 pcs)
  • Time pressure documentation
  • Time pressure software program

Optional Extras

  • Spare burst discs
  • Spare lead washers
  • Spare pressure transducer
  • A combination unit is also available for carrying-out 057 Oxidising liquids as well as 025 Time Pressure Tests (057-025 model)

Note: Due to transport restrictions, primed cambric or fuse heads are not supplied as standard. These are used in conjunction with each other to form the ignition source for time pressure testing.