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CTL27 - Liquid Conductivity Test Apparatus

For accurate measurement of the conductivity / resistivity of liquids.


  • Simple to use
  • Simple assembly / disassembly of test cell. This is especially important since cleaning of the test cell regularly between test samples is essential when performing liquid conductivity tests
  • Close interference fit machined surfaces for excellent sealing when testing liquids

liquid conductivity testliquid conductivity test

LEFT: Liquid Conductivity Test Apparatus     RIGHT: Conductivity Schematic

The liquid conductivity test apparatus is used to assess a liquid's conductive properties by measuring the current flowing through the material when a known 10 V is applied across it with reference to ground. A heptane reference sample is used to check the equipment prior to conducting a test on liquid sample with no known conductivity data.

The equipment permits testing in general accordance with BS5958.

Functional Specification & Deliverables

  • 10 V d.c power supply (resolution 0.1 V, accuracy + / - 2 %)
  • Picoammeter (2 nA to 20 mA ranges) – 2 nA range has 10 fA resolution + / - 400 fA. Noise 20 fA. (Manufacturer's calibration certificate supplied)
  • Custom manufactured liquid conductivity test cell
  • Miscellaneous.cables (transorb in-line overvoltage protection unit - protects sensitive measuring equipment from over voltage
  • Instruction manual

Optional Extras

  • Calibration services

The following is available at an additional cost:

  • The JCI 155v6 Charge Decay Analyser with JCI 173 liquid sample support insert for testing charge decay time of liquids. (JCI 176 sample support base is included in this optional package).