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CTL30 - Gas Probe Incendivity & Calibration Apparatus

To determine if incendive discharges can be developed from plant equipment or items which are capable of igniting highly flammable gases, e.g. propane or hydrogen.


  • Gas flow meter with internal memory store containing density data for multiple pre-programmed selectable gases (propane standard)
  • Custom fabricated calibration station for gas probe with accurate spark gap clock gauge distance setting facility
  • Custom fabricated lightweight gas probe – permits testing in general accordance with IEC 61340-4-4
  • Custom fabricated high voltage power supply

gas probe incendivitygas probe incendivity

Gas Probe Incendivity & Calibration Apparatus

Processes or operations to be performed within a flammable atmosphere could create incendive discharges resulting in personnel injury and plant damage. In the worst case scenario personnel deaths or total plant destruction could result. The gas probe incendivity test gives an indication of discharge hazards from products or materials used in a particular environment. For instance, the incendivity gas probe can be used as an assessment tool for evaluating the risk of ignition from a product or material within a flammable atmosphere, by simulating the type and volume of gas concentration associated with that which may be present on plant.

DEKRA supply the Gas Probe Incendivity Calibration Station to enable a customer to obtain the optimum mixture through the gas probe by utilising the supplied high voltage power supply to create a simulated electrostatic spark discharge. By moving the earthed gas probe ball electrode towards and in the direct vicinity of the high voltage electrode, an electrostatic discharge will occur. These calibration trials precede applying the same gas / air mixture (gas concentration) to the application; for instance, the application may involve determination of whether it is possible to ignite a gas / air mixture when the gas probe earthed ball electrode is presented to the charged product under test, e.g. a Fibre Insulated Bulk Container (FIBC).

Functional Specification & Deliverables

  • Gas probe with manual quick release gas shut-off valve and gas mixing shroud
  • Gas mixing unit with 2 x gauges: one for air (rotometer) and one for gas (digital mass flow meter with pre-calibrated gases selectable in memory - default is Propane). Total gas flow to the gas probe must be 0.21 litres / sec + / - 0.04 litres / sec (ref: IEC 61340-4-4)
  • A 10 kV custom manufactured calibrated power supply unit with fixed 500 V, 1 kV, 2 kV, 3 kV and adjustable 0 - 10 kV front panel controls. 220 - 240 V / 100 - 120 V a.c input 10 kV output (500 µA) LED display read-out of high voltage output
  • A calibration document for the 10 kV power supply included (master calibration equipment UKAS calibrated)
  • A capacitance charging unit with electrode
  • Instruction manual

Note: For safety reasons, the user must fit flashback arrestors on gas cylinders

Optional Extras

  • Nitrogen feed-line and separate flow-meter
  • Calibration services
  • Bespoke requests may also be possible