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CTL43 - Dutch Pressure Vessel Test

For determination of the sensitivity of substances to the effects of intense heat under defined confinement and examine potential to propagate deflagration.


  • Small and compact
  • Additional port to enable pressure monitoring during heating or to utilise as an additional thermocouple port
  • Simple to use in order to determine sensitiveness of product to intense heating under confinement
  • USB Connectivity (see Options section for optional data card)

dutch pressure vessel test

Dutch Pressure Vessel Test

This test is used to determine the sensitivity of substances to the effect of intense heat under defined confinement. The method yields quantitative results in the form of a limiting orifice diameter. The test can be used (in conjunction with the Koenen tube test) to formally classify a sample as a UN class 4, division 4.1 substance.

The test is conducted in accordance with the UN Transport of Dangerous Goods Recommendations, Tests and Criteria, Test E.2.

Functional Specification & Deliverables

  • Custom Dutch Pressure Vessel – stainless steel, type AISI 316
  • Teclu burner
  • Orifice plates – complete set of 8 including: 1.0, 2.0, 3.5, 6.0, 9.0, 12.0,16.0, 24.0mm. Thickness 2.0mm + / - 0.2mm
  • Aluminium bursting discs – set. Diameter 38mm. Rated Burst pressure 620 + / - 60 kPa at 22 °C
  • Stopwatch

Note: Customer also needs to provide propane cylinder fitted with flashback arrestor with appropriate regulator and tubing.

Optional Extras

  • Optional data card and software with Dutch Pressure Vessel calibration program for monitoring heat-up temperature rise time of 3.5 + / - 0.3 K/s gas flow of the supplied Teclu burner and / or height of the Dutch Pressure Vessel base from the burner is adjusted until this desired heat-up rate is achieved
  • For R&D purposes and also for leak detection purposes, a pressure monitor and transducer system can also be purchased at additional cost (connection of pressure monitor to PC is also possible by specification of a multifunction data card at additional cost)