CTL51 Sustained Combustibility Test Apparatus - UN Test

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Determines whether a sample of liquid can sustain combustion when held at the specified isothermal temperature.


  • Compact unit (self contained)
  • Sloping skirt under hot plate – enables fall off of overspill in the event that a test sample spills on to the hotplate
  • Temperature variable ramp rate and set point facility for researching other conditions


                  DSCF1109 (2)      DSCF1108                                                                      Sustained Combustibility Test Apparatus

The apparatus purpose is to determine whether a sample of liquid can sustain combustion when held at the specified isothermal temperature. The test is in accordance with UN Transport of Dangerous Goods regulations.

Functional Specification & Deliverables -

  • 1 x 1250 W hotplate (200 mm diameter) 220 - 240 V / 6 A
  • 1 x remote control unit with integral PID temperature controller
  • 1 x interface control cable (which interconnects the remote unit to the hotplate)
  • 1 x thermocouple extension control cable
  • 1 x sustained combustibility test cell (installed and fixed onto the hotplate)
  • 1 x test cell temperature thermocouple (1/16" pocket)
  • 1 x handheld digital k-type thermocouple reader with UKAS calibration
  • 1 x set miscellaneous cables
  • 1 x stopwatch
  • 1 x instruction manual

Optional Extras -

  • Syringes
  • Spare thermocouples
  • Return to base calibration services

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