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Custom Equipment

Laboratory professionals are often asked to source equipment for specific research conceived within their organisations where there is no ‘off-the-shelf‘ solution. Our instruments experts provide a comprehensive design, fabrication and support package to meet your specifications.

Project Examples

custom equipment pic 1Ignition Research

Requested: A high pressure vapour ignition research test apparatus

Delivered: A complete system capable of 3500 barg at 400°C for recording temperature and pressure data resulting from vapour ignitions at elevated starting pressure conditions.

custom equipment pic 2Waste Screening Cal (CMYK)

Requested: Exothermic waste-stream screening calorimeter

Delivered: A custom, automated calorimeter linked to mixing, dosing, heating, agitating and relief equipment for short duration on-site screening of mixed waste stream samples by non-technical operators.

custom equipment pic 320 Litre Sphere

Requested: A capacitive spark discharge capability for a 20 litre sphere

Delivered: Development of a capacitive spark discharge system within a 20 litre sphere by utilising the pre-existing KSEP 310 ignition firing signal.

custom equipment pic 4Requested: A high pressure vapour ignition research test apparatus

Delivered: A system capable of 225 barg at 100°C with custom dispersion and firing electronics to EN & ISO test standards.