Process Safety Management

The management of process safety is the bedrock of good Process Safety performance. We assess existing PSM programmes, improve them and develop new ones.

The Chilworth Risk-Based Process Safety Engineering + Process Safety Management Strategy is designed to support companies in adopting the industry leading risk based approach to process safety.  Our approach is to: -

  • Enable an organisation to gain a full understanding of the hazards and risks associated with their facilities and operations
  • Enable an organisation to understand both the demand for and the resources required to implement and operate an effective process safety management system
  • Enable an organisation to understand how the process safety culture within it influences day to day process safety activities

Elements of our PSM strategy

The Chilworth PSM strategy will assist an organisation in moving from a compliance based approach to process safety (Seveso II, in Europe and 29 CFR 1010:119 and the EPA's risk management program in the US) to a risk based approach by addressing

Four Key 'Accident Prevention Pillars'

     Commitment to process safety - Specific tools for assessment

     Understand the hazards & risks - Safety engineering services built on 30 years expertise 

     Manage those risks

     Continual learning from experience

Within each of these four pillars there are a number of risk-based process safety elements. Many of these elements are outlined in the American Institute of Chemical Engineer's (AIChE) Center for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS) G/Ls book, Guidelines for Risk Based Process Safety.

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Library items

A Guide to Process Safety

Process safety needs to be considered separatetly from personal or occupational safety. Process safety incidents happen less requently than 'trips and slips' but usually have much greater consequences placing all potentially at risk. This in-depth guide allows exploration of all the issues involved in a successful and effective process safety strategy.

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A Guide to Handling Powders & Dusts Safely

Many people are surprised when they first hear that there can be a significant risk of fire and explosion from processing apparently innocuous materials such as icing sugar, aluminium powder and even paracetamol. Process engineers, however, have long been aware of the hazards and risks involved with processing these types of materials and the measures, procedures and training that must be in place in order to operate a safe site.

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